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Calling all budding actors!

Central Saint Martins is offering a new Scholarship for a 3 week Summer Study Abroad programme – Acting Shakespeare with Drama Centre London.

This three-week course from 3 – 21 July 2017, explores the different subject areas of acting Shakespeare through a range of disciplines, turning drama students into a drama thinkers. At the heart of the course is performance, a complex process of decision making and problem solving that calls for an interaction between conscious and unconscious activity, intuition and skill.   The programme offers acting, voice, body-focussed lessons, learning singing, dance and stage fighting skills, all the time working with tutors from the prestigious Drama Centre London at Central Saint Martins.

This course is open to Undergraduate students, from ambitious beginners to those with more experience.

The scholarship will cover the course tuition fee. This includes theatre trips to the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Globe Theatre and other world famous London theatres plus visiting Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of William Shakespeare.

For deadline, eligibility, application and further details click here.

For programme details, click here.

Deadline for application is 1 March 2017

Reportage Photography Exhibition Thursday 23rd June

It’s that time of year again when students of Central Saint Martins Reportage Photography Short Course present their final projects in an exhibition session entitled Documentaries.

With invited questions and crits from the audience, the process will often tease out a depth of analysis and reflexive qualities that only a q+a and exhibition can. “The more a student engages in the practice of presentation the more they evolve in terms of developing the finer points behind the understanding of their own work and process” said course tutor Karl Grupe.

With upcoming dates throughout the year, the exhibition will also be a great opportunity for any prospective Reportage Photography students to speak with current students and the tutor directly.

Topics included in the exhibition are:

a ethnographic visual study of location and fear

a photo essay on old age and sport

a photo essay interpreting rush hour and Londons Underground

a personal collection of images on the mythology of nostalgia at Coney Island USA

an investigation into how London’s parks contribute to our well being

Reportage Photography

The exhibition will take place from 6.30pm – 8.30pm and  is a great opportunity for you to find out more about this exciting course at Central Saint Martins.

Book your ticket through eventbrite, places are limited: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/reportage-photography-qa-exhibition-tickets-26146119748

Short Course and BA Fashion tutor Esme Young judges on the Great British Sewing Bee!

Central Saint Martins Short Course tutor Esme Young is back on our screens tonight as judge in The Great British Sewing Bee.

Esme will be teaching our Swimwear and Lingerie Workshop this summer, as well as our highly regarded Innovative Pattern Cutting for Graduates and Professional Course that starts in July.

Catch Esme on your screens at 9pm tonight on BBC2!

YouTube Preview Image

INSIDE LOOK: Millinery Workshop

Judy Bentinck is a London based couture milliner with an international client base and is one of the tutors on our Millinery Workshop.  We chat to Judy about her course, advice for breaking into the millinery world and Royal Ascot!

Who is your workshop targeted at and what should students expect to leave with by the end of their course?

The millinery workshop is aimed at beginners in hat making or those with some previous experience. It caters for students who are interested in millinery as a hobby, making for themselves and friends and family and also for people who intend to make it a career. All students will leave with at least 2 finished hats, usually more, but it depends on how fast they work. They will leave with the skills to continue making more hats and will know where to shop for appropriate materials. I recommend they buy my book Designing and Making Hats and Headpieces if they haven’t already got it. I also give lots of information on follow up courses.

How did you become a couture milliner and what is your advice for anyone wanting a career in millinery?

I was originally a textile designer and then a costume designer. I later trained with Rose Cory, the Queen Mother’s milliner and Royal warrant holder, in traditional couture milliner methods. Since I started in 2000, millinery has becoming increasingly popular as a career move, so my advice is, train well, develop your own style and have some really good photographs.

Royal Ascot is the millinery equivalent to the international shows. A parade of all the best and most elaborate creations around. Where do you get your inspiration for your Ascot designs and what advice would you give for choosing a hat for the races?

If I’m creating a bespoke piece for a client they will definitely want a standout piece but it has to match the outfit and suit them first and foremost. I have great fun suggesting and encouraging the client to wear a hat more outré than they normally would.

For my own designs the inspiration is all around! Nature , architecture, mathematics, films, history and more.  When I settle to design, a new themed collection, an image or an idea or colour can influence the direction, and off I go!

I have also made hats for promotional purposes, for example, creations such as an ice cream, a jug of Pimm’s, a milk carton!

Judy’s next Millinery Workshop’s are in July and August, with further dates throughout the year.  For further information please head to the Short Course website.

CSM Short Courses Easter School!

Students travel from all over the world to study Short Courses at Central Saint Martins. We meet students who are changing career, preparing for a degree, beginners, enthusiasts, experimenters, and everyone in between. We spoke to some of our Easter School students about their Short Courses and why they chose to study with us

Helene Rosas - Fashion Design and Marketing ©Jet
Helene Rosas – Fashion Design and Marketing ©Jet

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Helene and I live in France.

You’ve been studying Fashion Design and Marketing this week, why did you choose this course?

I am looking for a job in Fashion Design but, for me, it is important for a fashion designer to know how to build a brand and know the marketing process that comes with it. I feel it is important to know how this world works. My course has been taught by Erica Charles who is very experienced and really knows what she is talking about. Erica was really stunning, and we can all tell how passionate she is. She has taught me that even though some brands are not huge, there is a world behind it that was not obvious first. London has been an inspiration as well! The people, the museums, the streets…London has a very important cultural influence around the world. Everyone knows it, but you can feel it when you are here.

Sarah Beka - Jewellery Making for Beginners ©Jet
Sarah Beka – Jewellery Making for Beginners ©Jet

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Sarah, I’m Belgian and I live in London, UK.

You have studied Jewellery Making for Beginners this week. Why did you pick this course?

I’ve always wanted to learn about making jewellery and how to work with metals. The techniques I have learnt and the professionalism of the tutor have been the best thing about the course. As I am a beginner at making jewellery, I feel I’ve learnt everything I need to know to start making on my own! The tutor, Anastasia Young, has been great. She gives clear explanations and is always ready to give help and advice. Anastasia has lots of experience in Jewellery. This was a great course to develop my potential, and I would like to come back for more courses!

Ingrid Monti - Fashion Design and Marketing ©Jet
Ingrid Monti – Fashion Design and Marketing ©Jet

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Ingrid and I am from Paris, France.

You have studied Fashion Design and Marketing this week. Why did you pick this course?

 I chose this course for two reasons. The first is Erica Charles, the tutor. I read her profile and I was really impressed by her career and thought that she would have a lot to teach me (and I was right!). The second is that my previous career was only related to product and I felt marketing was something I needed to fill the gap.  When I arrived on the Monday morning, the sky was grey and the fountains outside the building were making steam. It really added some drama to arriving at CSM. Inside, I was thinking “Wow! I am studying at Central Saint Martins!” I feel like I am in the right place. Central Saint Martins and London has a different spirit to anywhere else: everything is cooler, less formal. The city has some amazing architecture but it is the people and their style that I like to observe.

Ingrid runs her own accessories brand Sainte Isaure which you can follow on Instagram and like on Facebook 

Costantina Boubouka - Fashion and Textile Forecasting ©Jake Longley
Costantina Boubouka – Fashion and Textile Forecasting ©Jake Longley

What’s your name and where do you come from?

I am Constantina and I am Greek/Italian, but live in London, UK.

Why did you pick Fashion and Textile Forecasting for your studies?

I chose this course to get a better understanding of the industry and to find out what areas to focus on as a Trend Consultant. The variety of the subjects on the course have been amazing and it has been great to learn about the different areas people in the industry look to for inspiration. Our tutor, Bridget Miles, is a very knowledgeable tutor. She is very patient and open to discussions with her class. London is such an inspiring city to be in. It is a multicultural hub that is perfect for someone who wants to start their own business or kick start their career. The city surprises me every day with the new shops, galleries, and restaurants. They say that if you get tired of London, then you’re tired of life!

Chloe Mercer - Set Design for Film & Television ©Jake Longley
Chloe Mercer – Set Design for Film & Television ©Jake Longley

What’s your name and where do you come from?

I am Chloe and I am from York, UK.

You have studied Set Design for Film and Television. Why did you pick this course?

I wanted to build upon the Fine Art degree I have as well as aid my development. The course is helping me prepare for a new job that I am moving into. The class size is small so one to one contact with the tutor, Clara Zita, really helps you to understand and feel confident in your ideas and progress. The course covers 3D model making which I have not had much experience in before. I now feel confident in the process and method! It’s been nice to be taught by a tutor who currently works in the industry so they can offer first-hand experience and knowledge. I have not been able to get out to see much of London and the exhibitions as I’ve been staying behind after class to use the facilities Central Saint Martins has.

Inhara Ortiz Toledo - Fabrics and Fibres ©Jake Longley
Inhara Ortiz Toledo – Fabrics and Fibres ©Jake Longley

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Inhara, I am Mexican and I live in London, UK.

Which course have you studied with us this week?

I have studied Fabrics and Fibres, taught by Veronica Shattuck. I picked this course because I would like to get involved with the sustainable fashion industry. Learning where and how fabrics are made is very important and interesting to me. Meeting new people from around the world has been great and, as part of the course, I learnt how to make fabric from a fibre! Veronica, our tutor, is very good and knows so much about the topic, she has so much experience. I’ve loved studying at Central Saint Martins, it’s so relaxed and inspirational. You can follow my work here: @Obope

Marta Botas Perez - Fashion and Textile Forecasting ©Jake Longley
Marta Botas Perez – Fashion and Textile Forecasting ©Jake Longley

What’s your name and where do you come from?

I’m Marta and I am from Spain.

Why did you pick Fashion and Textile Forecasting for your studies?

I chose this course as I would like to work in the fashion business as a buyer. The course allows you the freedom to express total creativity in your works, to share them with your mates, as well as meet and learn from new people from different cultures. I felt very happy and comfortable at Central Saint Martins. I think it is a very good opportunity to develop your artistic talent and other creative people. I would really like to come back to study more short courses and maybe a Master’s degree. My experience of CSM and London has been amazing.

Our Easter School is fast approaching, please check our the Short Course website for all available courses and dates.

Guest Blog, Elise Valmorbida: The first creative writing course at CSM Short Courses…

When I proposed ‘Fact or Fiction’ to Central Saint Martins in 1997, the response was “we’re better known for our visual side, but let’s offer it and see what happens”. My first course was sold out, and nearly all my courses since then have been too. Lucky me! I love teaching and I truly believe that in order to be a good teacher I must be a good student. I’ve learned so much from my students, and from the challenge of answering their unpredictable questions. In the process of finding answers, I explore, articulate, and discover.

In those early days, only some students had online addresses, few universities offered degrees in creative writing, and publishers were often unwilling to receive typescript submissions by email—agent or no agent. So much has changed since then. Digital communication has flourished. The traditional book business is in a state of constant disruption. More and more corporations like to talk about ‘storytelling’. More and more individuals want to share their personal stories through social media and self-publishing. You can’t go for a walk without stubbing your toe on a writing masterclass, academy or retreat. The creative writing industry is booming. Just when people generally want to read… less.

Why should anyone read your story? Is it enough to have had a miserable childhood or an unusual ancestor / experience / hairdo? What about the craft? Is it about writing, or is it about being published?

Or is it about your very being? For me, an impulse turned into a compulsion turned into a long slow existential revelation. How many books did it take? How many rejections, deals, launches, retreats, agents, publishers, readers, critics, students…? How much research, thinking, observing, dreaming, writing, editing (and editing, and editing)? I can’t say this simply enough: creative writing is profoundly good for you.

Elise Valmorbida is the author of novels Matilde Waltzing, The TV President and The Winding Stick. Her non-fiction work, The Book of Happy Endings, has been published in four languages: English, German, Korean and Serbian. Her short stories have been published internationally. Elise won the Trailblazer Award (Edinburgh International Film Festival) for her role as producer and script consultant of indie Britfilm SAXON. She wrote ‘The Making of a Guerrilla Film’ story which was published with SAXON the screenplay. She teaches creative writing at Central Saint Martins and Arvon. She is currently writing a non-fiction creative writing guide, and an Italian historical novel.


The next Creative Writing Fact or Fiction – Beginners course starts on the 3 May 2017 and the Creative Writing Fact or Fiction – Intensive starts on the 4 May 2017.

Follow Elise Valmorbida on Facebook


The Book of Happy Endings by Elise Valmorbida
The Book of Happy Endings by Elise Valmorbida


INSIDE LOOK: Set Design for Performance

Set Design for Performance tutor, Gary Thorne studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw, theatre design with Motley and completed an MA in Public Art with UEL. He has worked as a freelance set and costume designer for over twenty years, is the author of ‘Stage Design: A Practical Guide’, ‘Designing Stage Costumes: A Practical Guide’, and ‘Technical Drawing for Stage Design’, and is currently Head of Design at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art).  We chat to Gary about his Short Course, Set Design for Performance, breaking into the industry and how to stay inspired.

Who is your course targeted at and what should students expect to leave with by the end of their course?

This course encourages each learner to transfer personal skill to the interpretation of a given text for performance. Personal interpretation is supported by previous experience and the way one perceives the world. Studio work calls for evidence of analysis, contextualisation and research, exploration in 2D and 3D. Scale modelling promotes design ideas taking shape, and in time individuals find meaning, reasoning, and a rationale, where design serves a purpose. The course end portfolio reflects invested interest in the process of anticipating a performance. Student prior experiences need not be theatre related. The play text will inspire and provoke creativity, the class structure keeps the learner working to meet production demands, and through hands-on exploration and problem solving the learner finds their creative expression.

How did you become a Set Designer and what is your advice for anyone wanting a career in Set Design?

After 5 years of passionate interest in fine art, I chanced upon the Motley Theatre Design Course, which was a one year postgraduate standard course, run by Motley designers Percy Harris and Elizabeth Montgomery. The shift from solo studio work to collaboration was a brilliant move, in that sharing creative ideas meant broader horizons for me. I soon discovered stage designers have varied educational experiences, and this directly affected their sensibilities. And in watching performance you soon appreciate the expression and diversity which individuals bring to their creative team. The short courses have proved highly supportive to those building a design portfolio for either undergraduate or MA course entry. Yet individuals also use the structured processing, as taught, to begin designing for the fringe and within short films. Helping out at any level backstage is important, as the experience provides insight to the roles and responsibilities, to how people communicate, and to what working to a deadline is really like.

Where do you get the inspiration from and how do you stay inspired?

The playwright is of great inspiration. When characters are analysed through the language they chose within situations they find themselves in, great truths can be revealed. Character relationships are fascinating, as they provoke, challenge, entertain, alienate, bring tears and laughter. Rereading the play text, across pre-production, is an endless search to construct meaning. And when the actors arrive further depths are explored and discovered. Every play is a whole new world for the designer to comprehend, and each new creative team you find yourself in delivers up new exciting challenges. Really everything is a problem from the start; the play because its only words on a page, the team because you have no common language yet, the budget of course, the venue, the time frame to produce it, and of course the audience is hard to anticipate. Yet if you like problem solving, and love story telling, then you could be very inspired

The next Set Design for Performance course starts on 20 April 2016 with further dates throughout the year


Thinking about summer already?

Thinking about summer already?  Thinking about studying a Central Saint Martins Short Course?  Check out some of the students we met in summer in 2015 for some insight and inspiration!

Fashion Drawing for Absolute Beginners
Céline Leconte – Fashion Drawing for Absolute Beginners

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Celine and I’m French but I live in London, working as a General Practitioner.

You are studying Fashion Drawing for Beginners this week, what made you choose this course?

I recently accepted a place on the BA Theatre & Screen: Costume Interpretation course at Wimbledon College of Arts. Being a medical doctor, I don’t have any art background, nor have I done a Foundation course, so I chose Fashion Drawing for Absolute Beginners to prepare me for starting my BA, as fashion drawing is my weakest skill. The pace of the course was perfect as we started with the basics, helping us to gain the confidence to move on to more difficult drawing gradually. This way of teaching helped me to improve without realising and the on-going feedback helped us to learn from our mistakes effectively. The diversity of the class further enhanced my experience at Central Saint Martins as the different ages, skills, expectations and backgrounds in our cohort created a very open minded learning environment.

Wan Yuk Ng - Haute Couture Embroidery
Wan Yuk Ng – Haute Couture Embroidery

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Ng Wan Yuk and I’m from Hong Kong

You are studying Haute Couture Embroidery this week, what made you choose this course?

I chose to study this course as I love fashion and therefore wanted to study something fashion related. Also, in Hong Kong where I’m from, it is difficult to find a real, traditional and talented haute couture embroidery teacher. Luckily I found that teacher at Central Saint Martins Short courses. The learning environment at Central Saint Martins was fantastic and I’ve left the course with many haute couture embroidery techniques.

Rita Ceolato - Fashion Styling for 16-18 year olds
Rita Ceolato – Fashion Styling for 16-18 year olds

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Hi, I’m Rita and I’m from Italy.

You are studying Fashion Styling for 16-18 year olds this week, what made you choose this course?

I am studying Fashion already in Italy but I wanted to see the differences in teaching between Italy and London.  London is a very inspiring city to study in as there are such an eclectic mix of styles to see all around you. I’ve learned so much from this course and I want to return next summer to try out a tailoring or design course.

Nur Amani Marzoki - Service Design
Nur Amani Marzoki – Service Design

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Nur and I live between Malaysia and England.

You are studying Service Design this week, what made you choose this course?

I was involved in a project that delivers services to both supplier and clients, so this course was perfect for me. Service Design is a very fun and interactive course with a good balance between group activities and personal presentations. We learned numerous service design tools such as persona profiles and user journeys which will support me in my job. I am so happy to have found this type of course at Central Saint Martins, as I thought they only taught art and fashion. Thankfully I was wrong.

Megg Macedo Thurner - Fashion Design and Marketing
Megg Macedo Thurner – Fashion Design and Marketing

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Megg and I’m from Brazil.

You are studying Fashion Design and Marketing this week, what made you choose this course?

As I am a Freelance Fashion Designer and Consultant, I wanted to learn more about the fashion business to help with the launch of my own brand next year, so this course was the perfect choice for me. I’ve learned so much about how a commercial collection works and all the steps we need to develop it. Most importantly I’ve learned the importance of being creative without forgetting about the consumer who ultimately will lead your brand. Previous to this course I studied Fashion Business Practice and Fashion Styling for Beginners and I wouldn’t hesitate to study another short course in future. I couldn’t be happier studying here at Central Saint Martins.

Julia Klokova – Experimental Fashion Drawing

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Julia and I’m from Kiev, Ukraine.

You’ve been studying Fashion Drawing for Beginners and Experimental Fashion Drawing Short Courses, what made you choose these courses?

I heard about these courses on Facebook and as I’ve been thinking about changing my career, I thought that studying some Short Courses at Central Saint Martins would be a good place to start.  Alexis Panayiotou has been an amazing and inspirational tutor and studying in the Granary Square building has been an inspiration in itself.  I feel like my drawing skills have developed quickly over these past few weeks and I’m happy that I can now draw without looking at the paper! I hope to study more Short Courses at Central Saint Martins next summer.

Caitlin Decker - Fashion Photography
Caitlin Decker – Fashion Photography

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Caitlin Decker from the USA but I’m currently living in Cambodia.

You are studying Fashion Photography this week, what made you choose this course?

I want to be able to photograph the clothing I make in an interesting and beautiful way.   Taking this course has taught me how to use my camera to its full potential and I’ve particularly enjoyed learning how different types of light work on bone structure and faces.  It has been fantastic learning from my tutor Leigh Keily, a true professional in the field and to also share ideas with fellow students who bring different styles and perspectives to the assignments.  London is an amazing city to study in with its wide variety of cultures, art and food, it is easy to take inspiration from everywhere. It feels like the city was built for creativity.

Simian Zhao - Art Direction for Fashion
Simian Zhao – Art Direction for Fashion

What’s your name and where do you come from?

Simian, I’m from China but currently living in London.

You have been studying Art Direction for Fashion, how has your experience been?

We have learned about the business side of the fashion industry and how to plan a fashion shoot from scratch.  This means considering everything from catering, to the weather, to basically everything! Our tutor Schelay McCarter is so well prepared, provides great guidance, and her advice on how to survive in the industry has been invaluable.  The Central Saint Martins building is breath taking and taking Short Courses that support my full time BA study at London College of Fashion has been such a wise choice.  I hope to take more and perhaps take an MA at Central Saint Martins in the future.  In London there is always something new to experience, be it a new bar, new exhibition, new restaurant, new event and I love that the city continues to surprise me.